• POMP II call is closed

    The second MELiSSA Call for Doctorate and Postdoctoral Proposals (POMP II) is closed.


  • About the MELiSSA Foundation

    The MELiSSA foundation is a non-profit organisation created by the MELiSSA consortium for the purpose to manage a fund dedicated to finance a pool of MELiSSA PhD students and postdocs. The board of the the Foundation consists of Prof. Dr. Max Mergeay (Director) and Rob Suters LLM (Managing Director). The committee in charge of evaluating PhD applications consists of representatives of the MELiSSA community, ESA and independent scientists.

    The MELiSSA Foundation PS is a private foundation (private stichting) based in Brussels incorporated under Belgian law registered under nr. 0547759097

    For contact details please visit contact.


    The MELiSSA consortium consists of 14 partners including ESA, several universities and CRO's and private companies and is internationally recognized as the most advanced effort to develop biological closed loop life support systems. Our partners are from Belgium, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands and Canada.





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    The MELiSSA Space Research Program

    The acronym MELiSSA means 'Micro Ecological Life Support System Alternative'. It refers to a space research program aiming to develop an artificial ecosystem for regenerative life support systems for long-term space missions to lunar bases or flights to Mars. The MELiSSA Project is managed by the ESA ESTEC and is part of the 'Physical Sciences Instrumentation and Life Support section (TEC-MMG)'. The project started 25 years ago and is based on a collaborative development program between 14 partners and a large number of supporting sub-contractors and international partners. 

    The MELiSSA initiative is internationally recognized as the most advanced effort to develop artificial life support systems. For more information please visit the ESA website.


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